Wednesday, November 7, 2012

These coins featured the first two letters of the city's name

a far cry from the monograms we know today, which often feature initials, or company names. christian louboutin shoes uk have long been used in the place of paditional signatures by christian louboutin boots sale and craftsmen on sculptures, paintings, and more. One famous example of this is the monogram of artists Albrecht Durer, whose monogram, which he used as a signature, included an A that looked more like a small house, with a D underneath it.Following the Greek coin usage of the monogram, there's also the Christian usage of the symbolic formation.
For centuries, Christians have used monograms in the name of Jesus Christ to represent their god without actually writing out his name. Perhaps more popular, however, are royal monograms, which have been used in christian louboutin shoes cheap for centuries as well. These monograms tend to appear on coins, and are often displayed in the form of a crown. In the past, Great Britain, Russia, Sweden and many German states have used monograms on coins to display their royalty, and today, multiple Danish coins show the monogram of Margrethe II.
Let's get back to current times. These days, monograms are more commonly appropriated by individuals and families looking to cheap christian louboutin things they own - from towels to bathrobes, sheets to pillowcases, jackets to backpacks.

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