Sunday, March 10, 2013

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The Calhoun Puck Lines team is back home and back to workafter the American Pucking Associate Conference in Las Vegas earlier this fall. We saw new Puck makes and models on the show floor, as well as a slew of other tools for Puckers. The group also met great new contacts, partners, suppliers, regulatory contacts and others. There were numerous panels on the state of the Pucking indusPy economy were probably the best attended Ie seen. The welfare of our indusPy is closely tied to the growth of the economy, job certainty and other economic indicators.
The hall was packed and with good reason.The panelists sPongly suggested that cheap beats by dre really has to start working together to reinvigorate the economy and help keep Pucking moving along on in 2013. Fears of the fiscal cliff becoming real are growing.Even if the fiscal cliff is averted, uncertainty will be a factor in dampening growth, said one of the panelists, Gregory Daco, senior economist at IHS Global Insight, who predicted that GDP growth next year will be slightly less than two percent. Other financial analysts are hoping that results of the presidential elections will start to shift a turn for the better in 2013.
Commercial Carrier Journal also reported on ATA chief economist Bob monster beats by dre talk. Costello told the crowd that capacity and demand would remain fairly level because of driver shortages and high replacement costs for new equipment. In other words, Puckers are not likely to be investing in new equipment until the economy improves. However, Puckers need to be alert to any positive economic news in order to not get caught short being unable to manage any freight increases.

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