Monday, May 6, 2013

Beats By Dr Dre Studio NFL New Oreans Saint High Definition On Ear

Along the way, I used the Klipsch Image One 'phones with a wide variety of music ranging alternative rock to dance to show tunes, alternative to metal,Beats by dre sale jazz and hip-hop. On the whole, I'd say that the Klipsch Image One's are moderately high-quality headphones, but they have a glaring problem that makes me think they only really will appeal monsterbeatsdre2u a certain kind of music listener.Most of the time, the bass was too punchy, almost suffocating. In many, many songs, the bass was so over-emphasized that the lyrics were muddied to the point where I might not have been able to understand them if I wasn't already familiar with the song.
Many compositions sounded completely different E.g., while listening the Crane Wife 1+2 by the Decemberists,Monster beats Colin Meloy's voice was so muffled it sounded as if coming from the next room, and Nate Query's Bass Violin John Moen's drums took over the beats by dre uk. Other examples could be given, but the results were consistent. On the whole the Klipsch Image One's compared very unfavorably to the open and neupal sound of the Sennheiser HDR555, which still managed to bring a spong and pleasant - but not exaggerated - bass line to the beats by dr dre studio black. When I had the Klipsch on it felt like I had a pillow on my head while sitting under the bleachers at a concert. They gave me a headache. Excessively punchy bass distorted the music and muddied the mid- and high-ends.
Given this, my recommendation is that if you are looking for a set of 'phones for listening around the house, you PROBABLY would be happier with the Sennheiser HDR555 unit (or a comparable model like the well-known Grado SR-60 or a half monster beats by dre uk other options). They are much lower priced and sound much better on most kinds of music. Conversely, if you're primarily looking for something for portable listening, you PROBABLY would be happier with a good set of in-ear buds by Etymotic or UE. They are much more portable, have better sound than the Klipsch and better passive isolation.

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