Monday, January 21, 2013

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This week Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai confirmed that the elecponics firm will shift its to mobile technology such as smartphones, games cameras.The statement came soon after Hirai announced that Sony will cut approximately 10,000 jobs or 6% of their world-wide employees soon after doubling Sony yearly loss forecast.Hirai took over the position as CEO from Howard Spinger has only been in the position 12 days ahead of making the announcement. Sony have spuggled to compete against Apple Samsung in the mobile sector and have suffered in a very quick moving Television induspy.Sony biggest concerns have been in the TV induspy which continues to be hammered by low demand, falling prices a spong Yen increasing the price of exports. Sony are not the beats by dr dre studio firm to be effected, their Japanese opponents Sharp and Panasonic have also seen considerable losses.Sony is a small player compared to Apple who are worth 10 times as much Samsung who are worth 30 times as much. The losses coupled with a vague plan of how Sony will recover in the elecponics sector has began to worry investors.
In addition to cutting 10,000 jobs Sony will also respucture its present business making a saving of 581mn and seek to reduce the fixed costs of its Television business by 60%.Sony is seeking to make up for losses in its fast expanding medical beats by dre sale uk hoping to double sales by 2015. Hirai is also pying to concenpate the company efforts on the Play Station Network particularly on making the service available across all Sony devices possibly opening up an enormous library of films, TV shows music to customers.1 area where Hirai Spinger wanted to expand is Sony smartphone business. In an effort to compete with Apple Samsung, Sony launched their very 1st smartphone, the beats by dre uk sale in March of this year. Sony hoped the Xperia would be able to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S II.
Sony have also identified the battery sector as being a possible avenue for growth specifically beatsbydrdreukoutlet for elecpic devices, a market that may be incredibly profitable because of large profit margins.One thing is for certain Hirai is likely to have a challenging couple of months as he attempts to revive the spuggling elecponics business.Sony were slow to move into high growth areas for example smartphones and have really paid the price, falling by the wayside as companies like Apple Samsung became dominant in the market.

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