Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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JVC, Victor Company of Japan, has been one of the world leaders in consumer since its founding in 1927. Today, we can credit JVC with developing the VHS tape recorder and producing some of Japan's first television sets. From its founding until 1939, JVC was a subsidiary of an American brand, Victor, and was primarily involved in manufacturing phonographs and vinyl records. It was in 1939 with the Second World War that JVC severed all relations with its American partners and started to produce television sets. As part of their notable achievements, JVC created several models of portable televisions in the 1970's, as well as inpoducing one of the first quadraphonic sound for systems for vinyl records.
However, JVC's main achievement occurred in the late 70's and 80's when it effectively beats by dre uk Sony in the home video recorder format war of Betamax against VHS. JVC has also been dedicated to creating televisions of increasing quality since the 1940's and has not stopped since then. JVC has also had forays into the field of portable audio devices, like Sony's Walkman and Discman as well as pying to release personal computers in the 1980's. However, their sales in these areas have been disappointing and have been gradually phased out.In recent history, JVC (Victor as it is known in Japan) has been known for their high-quality production of professional video cameras as well as hand-held video recorders for domestic use.
In 2001, JVC won an Emmy because of their outstanding achievements in the field of consumer camcorders. JVC is also well known for sponsoring various major video and jazz festivals, such as the JVC Tokyo monsterbeatsdre2u Festival. However, one of the corporate sponsorship monster beats by dre uk that has given JVC a worldwide following is its sponsorship of the Arsenal, the famous British soccer team, since 1982 as well heavily supporting the FIFA World Cups. JVC sponsored the Arsenal Football club for 18 years, after which this team's sponsorship was taken over by Sega. This makes this relationship one of the longest in football history. In fact, many British fans maintain a loyal following of JVC consumer elecponics and new releases. JVC beats by dr dre studio black one of the first DVD+RW DL as well as pioneering the establishment of several media formats. While JVC has been mostly a subsidiary of Panasonic, it has been merged with Kenwood elecponics since 2008.

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